Magic Fun Apps is a collection of wide variety of Fun Apps designed for your Life. We want you to entertain everyday without any stress on your mind. So we created these apps to have some laugh and gigs with your Friends. Magic Fun Apps have various apps to go with and sharing feature to share on your favorite Social Network. Browse below with some of our Apps. Hope you will Like it. Have a good time.

What kind of Best Friend you are?  

Know How is your Temper?  

Find Why People Likes You?  

Find your Strength and Weakness  

Find for What you will be always Remembered?  

Find Which Friend is Lucky for you?   

Find who knows all your Secrets?  

Whats ur 1st Priority While Choosing Life Partner  

What Sweetest thing your Love will do for you?  

Find Why your Partner Loves You?  

Find Who has Secret Crush on You?  

Find Your Name Hidden Meaning  

Find Friends who will always there for you?  

Find your Hidden Secrets  

Who will get Friendship Awards?   

Find Story behind your Birth Date  

Why Boys/Girls are Crazy for you?   

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